The Administration

The Institute's administration is led by the Institute's president & executive director, who is responsible for overseeing the overall and day-to-day management and financial affairs of the Institute. Clinical work and clinical supervision are the responsibility of the clinical director. Training and other programs are administered by the program administrator.

  • Michael Connolly M.P.A., NCPsyA
    President & Executive Director
  • Kim Arrington Psy.D.
    Clinical and Training Director
    Director of Admissions
  • Sandra Fell M.A.
    Program Administrator
  • Thomas Wagner LPsyA, NCPsyA
    Chair, Ethics and Standards Committee; Librarian
  • Les Von Losberg
    Co-Chair Development Committee
  • Sheila Johnson M.P.S.
    Alumni-Affairs Coordinator

Training & Admissions Committee:
Dr. Kim Arrington, chair; Thomas Wagner; Michael Connolly; Sandra Fell.

Finance Committee:
Ernie Wetzel, chair; Michael Connolly; Sandra Fell.

Standards & Ethics Committee:
Thomas Wagner, chair; Merle Molofsky; the Rev. Sulton Stack.

Development Committee:
Les Von Losberg and Michael Connolly, co-chairs; Ernest Wetzel, Thomas Wagner; Brian Peterson, Sandra Fell; Kate McIntosh; Neanda Salvaterra; Tom Kenny.